Police using Rover SD1 again

We were very interested to read in today's Times newspaper (17th June 2010) that the UK police have gone back to using trusty Rover SD1 V8 saloons, like the one we hire out here at Great Escape. Apparently with felons to apprehend nearby and a dearth of modern patrol cars in the car park, officers at Ruislip in Middlesex had to use a Rover 3500 SD1 kept in the police car pool.
The Rover SD1, in full police livery complete with blue flashing lights, apparently belongs to one of the officers at the station and is one of three police-liveried cars that he owns. He also has a 1962 Jaguar Mk2 and a 1956 Wolseley. In similar circumstances with the long arm of the law to extend, for us it would have been a toss up between the Mk2 and SD1 - the Jaguar Mk2 is more powerful (220 bhp according to Jaguar, versus 155bhp for the Rover) but the SD1 copes better with taking corners on the doorhandles. We are told.

Full marks to the police and we hope the miscreants were apprehended. Perhaps they gave up - after all, who'd want to miss a cosseting ride in the big 80s Rover?

You can imagine recreating the scene with Great Escape Classic Car Hire's 1986 Rover SD1 Vitesse - the ultimate high performance limited production Twin Plenum model. You can hire it by the day or weekend with classic car hire prices starting at £165 for 24 hours, including insurance and unlimited mileage.

Jaguar XJ6 hits the mean streets of London

We took our 1974 Jaguar XJ6 saloon down to London again recently for a film shoot for a Sky crime documentary. The script called for a large 1970s saloon to transport the criminals and our low slung Jaguar XJ6 four door saloon fitted the bill. Our Sable car is identical to one driven by Arthur Daley in Minder so while this project was perhaps not as glamorous as the fashion shoots that the car has recently appeared in, it does at least express another aspect of the character of William Lyons' evergreen saloon.

The Jaguar XJ6 arrived in London very early at the production team's offices just off Oxford Street. The Jaguar turned heads in the rush our traffic with several drivers winding down their windows to find out more about the sleek, low-slung coupe-like saloon. The car performed faultlessly on the 3 hour journey, despite the heavy traffic.

From the production offices we headed out to White City where the shoot took place. The Jaguar featured in virtually every scene. The script required the actors to load a body wrapped in carpet into the boot of the car. While this isn't something that the Jaguar design team anticipated when they developed the car we can confirm that the boot is perfectly sized for the purpose, although we hope no customers will put this to the test.

The Jaguar XJ6 Series 1, 2 and 3 is one of the most enduring and popular cars that Jaguar has ever made. Launched in 1968 and in production until 1992 the Jaguar XJ6 established a design style for Jaguar that remained in use until the launch of the current Jaguar XJ. The car was designed to resemble a coupe but with four doors and is arguably one of the most beautiful and fully resolved saloon cars ever made. Despite the cars undeniable good looks and high standard of fittings - including a walnut dashboard - like many previous Jaguars the XJ6 suffered a mixed reputation due to unreliability and overselling. Like the Jaguar Mk2 before it, when new the Jaguar XJ6 proved popular with aspiring people on both sides of the law thanks to its upmarket image cut with a dash of panache. The image of the second hand Jaguar XJ6 was epitomised by Arthur Daley in the TV series Minder. While the Jaguar XJ6 still retains an image of faded glamour it is fast becoming recognised for its style and engineering excellence. Alongside its elegant looks this is probably one of the best riding cars ever made.

Great Escape Classic Car Hire provides cars for TV, film and advertising projects on a weekly basis. To find out more visit our TV, Film and Advertising home page. Or call 01527 893733.

Love football, love cars, love a weekend away?

Great Escape Classic Car Hire has created three unique weekend packages specially for football fans with a classic car passion. The Red & White Weekend, British Bulldogs and England vs USA packages provide a unique opportunity to sample different combinations of classic cars with a football theme. Each package is available from Great Escape's central Worcestershire base, close to Stratford Upon Avon.
The new packages include 48 hours use of two cars, touring routes and advice on accommodation and places of local interest. Prices start at £495 and Great Escape provides a free delivery service to enable customers to switch the cars without returning to Great Escape's Worcestershire base.
"The World Cup is great for England," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape Classic Car Hire. "We've got some of the best British cars ever made on our fleet so we decided to create some packages that combine the chance to drive some amazing cars with a football theme."
Great Escape Classic Car Hire operates from four locations across the UK in Dorset, Yorkshire, Suffolk and Worcestershire. The company has a fleet of over 50 classic cars available for self drive rental, including classic cars from Jensen, Jaguar, Morris, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mazda, Alfa Romeo and MG.
To find out more about the packages click here or call 01527 893733.

Jensen starts manufacturing again

It looks like Jensen may be back in business manufacturing a select number of cars to super rich clients, just like in the old days. Tim Hearley, former MD of Aston Martin, who owns the rights to the Jensen brand has set up a company in the Isle of Man to build 50-100 'new' Jensen Interceptor cars each year. It is not clear exactly what form the new car will take but it seems likely that it will be based on the Interceptor S and Interceptor SX that were formerly built in very small numbers in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

For more details visit the Isle of Man Today website.

If you don't have the necessary spare £200,000 for a new Interceptor, why not spend £245 and hire one for the day instead - at Great Escape Classic Car Hire we have Jensen Interceptor cars for hire in Dorset, Suffolk and Cotswolds.

Car magazine tests our Alfasud

A team from Car magazine put the Great Escape Classic Car Hire Alfa Romeo Alfasud Ti through its paces recently for a feature on the greatest Alfa Romeo cars of all time. The car was road tested on some of the great local Worcestershire country roads right on our doorstep. The feature appears on June 15th in the magazine alongside articles celebrating Alfa Romeo's 100th birthday.
Car magazine chose to feature the Alfa Romeo Alfasud because of its iconic status among the magazine's readership. The Alfasud is rated as one of the best driver's cars of all time and in its ultimate 1.5 litre Green Cloverleaf guise it is particularly potent and fun to drive. The Great Escape car is one of the best in the country with a very low mileage and excellent condition.
Chris Chilton, Associate Editor at Car magazine, put the Alfa Romeo Alfasud through its paces and found the experience enjoyable. Although not fast by modern standards he found the car handled well with direct steering and good throttle response.
To find out more about the Great Escape Alfa Romeo Alfasud for hire, click here.

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The Perfect Gift for Father's Day

Dads are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. With Father's Day looming around the corner again on Sunday June 20th its time to think about a suitable gift. A classic car hire gift voucher from Great Escape could be the answer to your problems - easy to use, a wide choice of cars and locations and prices from just £125. Or you can choose a lower amount and let him top it up on the car of his choice.

Great Escape has a fleet of over 50 classic cars for self drive hire in Yorkshire, Cotswolds, Suffolk and Dorset ranging from 1950s Morris Minors to 1990s Jaguar supercars. Prices start at £125 for 24 hours use. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months and can be bought for a specific car or a particularly value, leaving the recipient free to choose their car - and top the voucher up if they want to.

Great Escape Classic Car Hire has the widest choice of classic cars for hire in the UK. Whether your dad is into vintage cars like the Morris Minor and MGs or more modern classics such as 1980s icons like the Alfa Romeo Alfasud, VW Golf GTI or Ford Capri, Great Escape has the car for him. Or he can just spoil himself with a day out in a cool convertible like a Mazda MX5 or Alfa Romeo Spider.

To find out more about the Great Escape Classic Car Hire fleet click here.
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