V12 Dilemma

It's a tough choice that has surely agitated many over time. Was the Jaguar V12 engine better fuel injected in the XJS or carb-fuelled in the E Type? Ok, maybe it isn't one of those chicken and egg lying-awake-at-night conundrums but surely finding out is more fun. Which is why at Great Escape Classic Car Hire we've created the V12 Dilemma weekend (and not the Chicken & Egg Dilemma Weekend).
Our V12 Dilemma, which is available to buy online in our shop or by calling 01527 893733, puts you behind the wheel of a Jaguar E Type convertible and Jaguar XJS convertible for the weekend - 24 hours in each car. We provide the route and accommodation, you just turn up. In the year of the 50th anniversary of the Jaguar E Type there can't be many better ways to sample the best Jaguar engine ever made.
The V12 Dilemma is available from Great Escape Classic Car Hire's Cotswolds base. The cars are a 1973 Jaguar E Type V12 convertible in Old English White with manual gearbox and a 1988 Jaguar XJS V12 convertible with automatic gearbox.
To find out more visit the Great Escape shop or call 01527 893733