Jaguar XJ6 coupe road test

Jaguar (Daimler) XJ6 Coupe road test by Matt Nichols Do you find that you or some of the people you know tune into a particular car manufacturer, whilst others simply do not get it at all, often revealing itself at times as an almost blind faith that seems to remain intact throughout troubled times caused by ill-conceived or poorly executed products. Now before reviewing the XJ6C I have to very quietly, just to be polite you understand, admit that I haven’t ever really fully got Jaguar. There you go I’ve said it. Now I loved the two V12 E-Types that I drove on the Great Escape – Cotswold Rally because at the end of day they are iconic cars and universally revered. But the Great Escape Classic Car Hire XJ6C, I wasn’t so sure about, after all this was going to be a taste of something closer to what mainstream Jaguars were all about. Well, if I’d actually said it out loud, right now I would still be chewing my way through an off white Le Mans baseball cap. This car let me get inside and disappear off as one of its biggest cynics to return as someone who had to stop a few times en-route just to give his brain the chance to re-calibrate. How so? Well there was the fact that this was the coupe model with frameless doors allowing you to lower both front and rear side windows leaving large crescent shaped openings either side. How cool is that? Then there was the punchy six cylinder and, iconic in its own right, 4.2 litre powerplant. Not one that is as silky smooth as the V12, but an engine that you can work with, being gentle low down and then getting much more aroused when stirred. This for me served as a very fitting tribute to this British prestige car manufacturer and as I was slowly beginning to appreciate being very ‘Jaguar’. These things definitely helped ‘oil the wheels’ on my personal journey in understanding this brand and then whilst looking around to find fault, as you do, I clocked the dashboard. Suddenly I was there because I like car interiors, particular classic car interiors, and I often find there is either not enough dials, or maybe incoherent switchgear. But the more I stared at the inside of this particular Daimler derivative model I realised I’d found it, the complete walnut covered, analogue dialled and rocker switch combination I craved. Perfect.Combine the superb interior view with the fact you can stick the XJ6C into drive, sit back and relax into your journey, until you need to hustle this surprisingly spritely sports coupe into action, then you will not be disappointed. This car delivers on many levels and has room for four passengers plus luggage. Jaguar I salute you. Verdict 1975 Jaguar (Daimler) XJ6 Coupe Driving As relaxing or racy as you want it to be, although its charms mean you soon find yourself chilling out on your journey Engine Jaguar’s six cylinder unit is refined at a gentle pace with some useful grunt further up the rev range to whistle you past any pesky peasants Performance 0–60 mph: 8.6 secondsTop speed: 125 mph Brakes Good match for the car’s weight and performance Handling You can hustle it, but feel far more inclined to adopt a more leisurely pace. Does move around on the profile of the front tyres when first entering a corner at any sort of speed. Desirability Relative rarity puts it above similar Jaguar saloon models Pro’s Cossetting family sized cruiser that makes you feel a cut above the rest Con’s Renting – None. Buying – Nothing other than the usual tin worm worries that accompany a British built car from the 1970’s, particularly those hidden by the vinyl roof in this case Overall 4/5 For more details on hiring the Jaguar XJ6 coupe from Great Escape Classic Car Hire call 01527 893733 or visit