BBC Top Gear loves the Jensen Interceptor

The BBC Top Gear television programme can be a fickle thing but when it finds something it loves, it praises it to the heavens. So it was that last night (Sunday July 24th 2011) the Jensen Interceptor found itself in the programme's radar beams as Clarkson and co doffed a floppy hat to the car of the 70s.

In a lengthy feature dedicated to the Jensen Interceptor the Top Gear team tested one of the new Jensen Interceptor S models and then created their own TV detective programme in homage to the fantastic 70s fastback, complete with fulsome moustaches. This pastiche featured three Jensen Interceptors from our friends at Cropredy Bridge garage in Banbury, who do all the fettling on Great Escape Classic Car hire's own Jensen Interceptors.

We're proud to say we've always loved the car that Jeremy Clarkson said has the best name ever put on a car - Interceptor. The Top Gear feature captured everything that is wonderful about these stylish grand tourers - the retro individualism of a car that is now so out of kilter with modern times. Our customers love it too - our two Jensen Interceptor cars are amongst the most popular hire cars on our fleet.

You can live the Clarkson dream by hiring a Jensen Interceptor in Yorkshire or Worcestershire for the Cotswolds. Prices start at £245 for 24 hours and include unlimited mileage, comprehensive insurance and full nationwide AA breakdown cover. For more details visit or call 01527 893733.