60s style in Liverpool

Three classic cars from Great Escape Classic Car Hire helped recreate Liverpool's 60s beat heyday when they were displayed at the BT Conference Centre.
The classic car hire company's Aston Martin DB6, Jaguar E Type convertible and classic Mini Cooper were on display in the conference centre's main hall as part of a major conference event attended by 1,000 people. The cars were chosen by the organisers to complement the 60s themed evening, which includes live music from a Beatles tribute band.
The event placed significant logistical demands on Great Escape because of the timescale, location of the cars and distance involved. Fortunately Great Escape has a network of classic car hire fleets across the UK and a fleet of trucks and trailers to transport them. This, together with Great Escape's management structure, meant that the company was able to deliver three cars to Liverpool on the same day, handle all legal and practical requirements of the venue and crucially provide the right cars suitable for the event from its 60+ fleet.
"We undertake a lot of corporate events," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape, "but this was easily the most unusually and technically demanding. We have provided cars for The Brits but that was just one car - this was for three cars so much more complex.
"Fortunately we have the experience, resources and range of cars to successfully support this kind of event. The event organisers were very pleased with every aspect of our service."
For more information on Great Escape Classic Car Hire's corporate events experience, call 01527 893733 and speak to Graham or Jamie. Or visit http://www.greatescapecars.co.uk/.
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Anonymous said…
it is good news about 60s style in Liverpool that reveals about the car of 1960's model. Well about this car...this car is very nice car. Among all these cars I like mini cooper, As we look at the structure of mini cooper it exactly looks like car of 1960's model.Now a days this car which was made 1960's has more demand in market.Mini Cooper has brought new revolution of 1960's among car lovers or car enthusiasts.Classic Muscle Cars
Timmy Radloff said…
The cars used in this event are a distinct remembrance of the beauty and elegance of the 60's. The Aston Martin DB6 is a real treasure, with its distinctly taller roof; the Jaguar E Type's sleek look, long nose, and short tail, on the other hand, is a vision to behold. Lastly, the Mini Cooper's timeless appearance completes the night. This is a collection of cars that remind you of how varied car designs were in the past, very much unlike today.
Anny Thomas said…
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