The Jaguar E Type Shuffle

Great Escape Classic Car Hire has reviewed and improved its fleet of Jaguar E Types for hire for 2012. The result is a more diverse range of cars for customers to sample from three different UK starting points.
We've taken the decision to pension off our long servicing Jaguar E Type V12 coupe in the Cotswolds because its condition and reliability had begun to deteriorate during 2012. In its place we've moved our popular Jaguar E Types Series 2 coupe from Suffolk to our Cotswolds base. In Suffolk we've added a new Series 1 E Type coupe 2+2, also in red, to replace the Series 2 car that is moving sites. Complicated stuff but it's all detailed on our Locations pages. Or call us any time on 01527 893733 and we'll provide more details.
The E Types shuffling means that we have an even broader range of Jaguar E Types for hire during 2012. The fleet now includes Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 cars and all body styles - 2+2, coupe and convertible. The Jaguar E Type cars are available to hire from our locations in Yorkshire, Suffolk and Cotswolds. Prices start at just £275 for 24 hours hire.
"We regularly review our fleet for condition and reliability," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape. "Customers love the blue E Type but unfortunately its condition has deteriorated below what we feel our customers expect.
"Removing this car and adding the Series 1 car improves the range and quality of E Types we have on offer for hire."
The new Series 1 Jaguar E Type in Suffolk is a 4.2 litre car with manual gearbox, red paintwork and 2+2 body style. The car has currently being fully refurbished in time for hire in 2012, including a respray, new interior and various mechanical jobs.
For more details call Great Escape Classic Car Hire on 01527 893733 or visit


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