Get a taste of our Club experience

Sometimes one classic car in the garage is never enough. Sometimes it's more than enough. For increasing numbers of classic car fans, the reality of owning and maintaining one classic car tends to take the gloss of loving it. For others, there just isn't space for all the cars they want to drive.
If you fall into one of those categories then the Great Escape Drivers' Club is for you. From just £79 per month you can get the keys to 70 classic cars based at 10 convenient locations across the UK. No maintenance hassles, no need for garage space, no insurance no road tax to pay. Just check the website, pick the car you want for the weekend and give us a call.
The Great Escape Drivers' Club is the UK's largest and most convenient classic car club. There are no joining fees and no hidden costs. And you can start from any one of our pleasant locations across the country - so you don't need to waste time and miles getting out of London to your destination. We have everything from Morris Minors to Aston Martins and the largest fleet of E Types, Mk2, MGBs and Alfa Romeos for hire.
To help customers find out more about Great Escape Classic Car Hire's new Club we're running a special Taster Day. Sample five of our cars along a 120 mile route through the Cotswolds, including our stunning De Lorean. If you then join the Club we'll refund the £295 cost of the day - that's up to 33% off the cost of membership. We can't say fairer than that.
For more details on the Great Escape Classic Car Hire Club call 01527 893733 or visit