New Jaguar E Type coupe to hire in Yorkshire

Great Escape Classic Car Hire has added a second Jaguar E Type to its growing classic car hire fleet in Yorkshire.  The new car, which complements the existing Harrogate-based E Type convertible for hire, is a 1965 Series 1 4.2 litre coupe with the highly desirable 'cowl headlamp' design and slim rear lights.
The new Jaguar E Type for hire in Yorkshire from Great Escape is finished in Sage Green metallic paintwork with a tan leather interior.  The car is fitted with a manual fully synchromesh gearbox rather than the earlier and more awkward 'Moss box.'  It is available to hire by the day, weekend or week and is ideal for a day or weekend away or a self drive wedding car.
Great Escape has the largest fleet of classic cars to hire in Yorkshire from its base just outside Harrogate.  The fleet includes classic cars by Jaguar, Jensen, MG, Morris, Porsche and Triumph.  The site is located on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and also within easy reach of the Yorkshire Moors and coastline.
The latest addition gives Great Escape customers the largest choice of E Type Jaguars to hire in the UK.  The choice includes Series 1, 2 or 3 cars, straight six or V12 power and coupe or convertible body styles.  So whatever your preference, Great Escape has a car for you.
"The E Type is one of our most popular classic cars to hire," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape.  "We wanted to add a Series 1 coupe to give more choice to customers, and also satisfy demand for hire of these cars from our Yorkshire site.
You can hire the new Great Escape Jaguar E Type from less than £240 for 24 hours with our 15% online discount.  Or call  01527 893733 and book by phone and save 10%.  To find out more call or call  01527 893733 

Now drive the dream in Devon too

Great Escape Classic Car Hire, the UK's largest classic car rental company, has announced a new hire base in Exeter for 2013.  The new site is idealy located for locals and visitors who want to explore Devon and Cornwall's classic car-friendly coastline and countryside.
The new base, which is run by one of Great Escape's experienced managers, initially has a fleet of four of the most popular classic cars available for hire - Jaguar E Type convertible, Jaguar Mk2 saloon, MGB convertible and Morris Minor Convertible.  The cars are available with Great Escape's usual comprehensive hire package and can be rented by the day, weekend or longer on a self drive basis for holidays, celebrations or weddings.
Great Escape Classic Car Hire's new Devon base is handily located in Exeter just off the M5, within easy reach of north and south Devon as well as onward travel to Cornwall.  The company's three main sites of Yorkshire, Cotswolds and Devon are now conveniently located across England 150 miles apart, with a number of smaller satellite bases so that customers do not have to travel too far to enjoy a classic car experience.
"We have been looking to expand into Devon for some time," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape, "but we wanted to get the right combination of local manager and car fleet before we launched.
"The site is run by a manager with 30 years experience in self drive hire and we are setting up with cars that have already been proven on our fleet.  So we are confident that our customer service and vehicle reliabillity levels will be very high."
Customers of the new Devon site will be able to use driving tours and routes developed by Great Escape as well as advice on local places to stay, eat and visit during their experience. 
Prices for Great Escape Classic Car Hire's new Devon fleet start at just £150 for 24 hours.  Customers who book during October 2012 will receive a 15% discount off the total price when they book online - or 10% if they book by phone.  
You can find out more by visiting or call 01527 893733 for more details.   

Grooms, put the vroom vroom in your wedding

If you can't drive the car of your dreams on your wedding day, when can you?  While she's off choosing dresses most self respecting grooms are settling down to the main task at hand - selecting the wedding cars.  An entirely unscientific straw pole of Great Escape Classic Car Hire wedding hire customers shows that bride and groom both agree that the man's top task for the big day has four wheels.
Unlike most wedding car hire companies, Great Escape Cars puts the groom behind the wheel of their dream drive.  Self drive wedding car hire, particularly for grooms cars, is an increasingly popular trend as couples swap the boring old white Roller for something a little more distinctive, characterful and above all Them.  For grooms it is a chance to justify driving classic exotica like a DeLorean, Jaguar E Type, Jensen Interceptor or even an Aston Martin DB6.  And all with a great excuse - it's for the big day!
Self drive wedding car hire is simple and easy.  Great Escape Classic Car Hire offers a choice of 2 and four seaters that are suitable as groom cars or bridal cars.  With 80 cars to choose from and 10 handy starting locations, it couldn't be more convenient.  We also offer a special 36 hour hire package, which enables you to collect the car on the day before and return it on the day after, giving maximum flexibility and minimum inconvenience and hassle on the wedding day. Prices start at just £170 for wedding car hire, which includes insurance, breakdown cover and in most cases unlimited mileage.  
Hiring a wedding car on a self drive basis also means you don't risk falling foul of proposed new EU regulations covering the hire of chauffeur driven wedding cars.  These regulations, planned to come into force in November 2013, will remove the current exemption for wedding cars from the private hire licencing requirements.  This change is expected to remove many wedding cars from hire because owners will be unable to justify the hefty cost of licencing and compliance.  Self drive wedding cars are not affected by this change.
You can find out more about Great Escape Classic Car Hire's range of groom cars for hire by visiting or call 01527 893733.  Booking during October 2012 and save 15% off the total price.  

What's in a name?

The 70s, a decade of naff trouserwear, dodgy disco tunes and fabulous car names. In fact, sometimes it seems as if the 70s stole all the great ones.
Today's car makers are saddled with barrel-scraping constructions like Mondeo, Insight or Kizashi, or simply opt out with letters or numbers. Frankly, 70s man would be appalled.
Back in the era of fuel shortages and long hair a trip to the showroom was a journey into automotive poetry. Avenger, Interceptor, Stag, Spitfire all names that just ooze pure hairy chested, get-in-the-motor machismo. Frankly, if you could buy a Vauxhall Interceptor now or a BMW Stag now, you would wouldn't you?
Sure, the 70s also gave us less illustrious names like Allegro, Marina and Princess but surely even these names, while not ideally matched to the cars they were nailed to, are infinitely preferable to the dull medley of numbers and meaningless conflagrations we are forced to endure nowadays?
Here, for the record, are my favourites from the 70s:
Interceptor - unsurpassed, the Nobel Prize of car nomenclature

Stag - if you must drive a v8 convertible you could hardly call it anything else

Granada - before cheap package tours, could an executive car name be more glamorous for aspiring boardroom dreamers?

Scirocco - German engineering meets Italian style, plus a wind-based name that just works. So well they eventually realised and brought it back

To get the Interceptor or Stag experience you can hire either from us from £195. Visit or call 01527 893733. 15% off during October 2012.

Get a vintage wedding feel with a vintage car

For a wedding day that needs to be a little different but with a fashionable vintage feel, a Morris Minor convertible is ideal.  With Great Escape Classic Car Hire's fleet of classic Morris Minors wedding cars you also get the chance to drive them too - our cars are all available on a self drive hire basis, so you or your family and friends can enjoy them rather than the chauffeur. 

Self drive classic wedding car hire is cheaper, more flexible and, we think, more enjoyable than traditional chauffeur hire.  

With Great Escape Classic Car Hire's current special offer you get a 15% discount on the normal hire price for these cars.  And there is a choice of four Morris Minors to hire from locations in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the Midlands.  We have a choice of three white Morris Minors with red interiors and red roofs (based in Yorkshire and Cotswolds) and one red car with a tan interior (based in Lincolnshire).  

The special Morris Minor self drive wedding car package on sale here includes:
  • 36 hours use of the car
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Insurance for 1 driver (extra drivers just £25)
  • Wedding ribbons
  • Full UK breakdown cover
Compare that price and package to traditional chauffeur driven wedding car hire and we think it offers great value.

The 36 hour package enables you to collect the car the day before the wedding and return it the morning after, giving you maximum flexibility without paying the full cost of 2 full days hire of the car.  The price is based on collecting the car from one of the three locations listed above - we can also deliver or collect the car if necessary, at extra cost.  

All of Great Escape Classic Car Hire's Morris Minors wedding cars are standard cars in excellent condition.  They are simple to drive and provide excellent interior space.  We hire the cars regularly for weddings and brides find them easy to get in and out of, even with a big dress.  The convertible roof is also simple and easy to operate.  Most of our cars have featured in advertisements as well as BBC and ITV TV programmes.

Great Escape Classic Car Hire is the UK's largest classic car hire company with a fleet of over 80 cars to hire from 10 UK locations.  You can find out more by Googling Great Escape Classic Car Hire or call 01527 893733 or email 

We have historically offered chauffeur driven as well self drive wedding car hire but the popularity of self drive hire means we have decided to specialise in this.  Self drive hire means:

  • You get much more time to enjoy the car
  • You can be more flexible on your timings
  • You have the fun of a family member or friend driving you to the wedding
  • You can enjoy the car before and after the wedding
  • The car is available all day and evening for photographs - not just a short while
  • You can use the car for multiple trips to and from the church without increasing the cost

Frequently asked questions

Who can drive the cars?

Anyone aged between 25 to 75 who has held a full UK licence for at least 2 years and has no more than 6 points on their licence.

Where can I collect the cars?

We have Morris Minors based near Harrogate, Stratford Upon Avon and Grantham.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs - the price you see here is the full price you pay.  The only extra costs are if you want extra drivers (£25 each) or you damage the car - there is an insurance excess of £750 on the car.  you will also need to pay for fuel, but each car does at least 40 mpg.

Can I see the car before I choose?

We are open 7 days a week.  You can arrange a no obligation viewing of the car by calling 01527 893733.

Are the cars easy to drive?

The Morris Minor is one of the easiest classic cars to drive - it has light steering, a simple gearbox and a good driving position.

Do the cars run on Unleaded Fuel?

All of our cars run on unleaded petrol.

For more details visit or call 01527 893733.

Make your Getaway in France

No sooner than our Triumph Stag returns from its Beaulieu to Monaco grand tour (see yesterday's Blog entry) than we hear of another long distance classic car trip across France, this time from our new French classic car hire site just south of Paris.
Our French Escapes classic car site specialises in longer classic car tours for holidaymakers, offering a choice of standard tour packages with guided routes of different duration or the chance to hire a classic car in France and make your own plans.
Recently a customer from London flew to Paris and collected our French registered Alfa Romeo Spider for a long trip down to Nice.  We worked with the customer ahead of the trip to devise a suitable itinerary and schedule because he only wanted to drive the car one way.  Our French team, who are ex-pat Brits with fluent French and considerable local knowledge, were able to devise a set of logistics that kept the customers costs down and fitted in with his plans.  So as part of the experience we arranged to fly down to Nice and collect the car at the end of the hire, then drive it back.
The Alfa Romeo Spider, a red Series 4 example, is perfect for this sort of trip because it offers relatively modern mechanicals wit h retro classic looks.  Plus it has an easy to operate hood, good size boot, power steering and a five speed gearbox for long-legged cruising.
After the trip the customer had this to say about his experience:

“Having visited France on a quite a few occasions my wife and I decided we wanted to see a different side to the country. After some quick Google searches I came across quite a few websites that I could hire classic cars from. I decided to book with Classic French Escapes because they were really friendly and I could tell they were a legitimate company from our telephone call. We travelled almost the length of France from the Loire Valley to Monaco without an itinerary and I can honestly say it was one of the best trips of my life. The Alpha Romeo Spider was gorgeous and was the cherry on our cake. I would like to personally thank Andrew for his open and helpful service” Matthew Phelan
We are now taking bookings for classic car tours in France.  To find out more call 01527 893733 or visit the Great Escape Classic Car Hire website at and click on the Locations link.

Monte Carlo or Bust in a Triumph Stag

A Triumph Stag may not at first glance seem the most sensible choice for a leisurely international sortie down to Monte Carlo, given its reputation for unreliability and shoddy build quality.  But those in the know have proven otherwise, as a recent trip by Great Escape Classic Car Hire's own Triumph Stag hire car proves.
The Great Escape car recently took part in a rally from Beaulieu to Monte Carlo in the company of several other classic cars.  It acquitted itself superbly, completing the 950 mile route without fault and receiving considerable praise from the customers who drove it.  The car covered several hundred miles each day, its long legged four speed overdrive manual gearbox coping well with the French roads.
Despite the Triumph Stag's reputation, Great Escape recommended the car to the customer for the route because of the design's innate suitability.  The Stag is a rare thing in the classic car world - a spacious convertible with four proper seats, a good size boot and GT refinements including comfortable seats, a good driving position and a quiet driving experience.  What hampered the Stag from success in period was poor build quality and reliability caused by the badly designed engine.  Great Escape has addressed these problems on its Triumph Stag hire car by completing an engine rebuild, including sensible upgrades to address the inherent weakness of overheating, and a full bodywork overhaul with new chromework and a new roof.  This investment is coupled to a strict maintenance regime because the Stag needs a very exact coolant mix to remain reliable, as well as regular and frequent servicing.  The result is a reliable car that is durable and up to the rigours of a long distance rally.
Aside from the investment in the car's mechanicals and bodywork, Great Escape did not have to do much to prepare the car for the rally.  The Triumph Stag was serviced in advance and then subject to a safety check on Great Escape's workshop ramp, which did not reveal any problems.
The Triumph Stag became a byword for all that was bad about the British motor industry in the 1970s.  Launched several years too late and competing against the bulletproof Mercedes R107 SL, the Stag suffered from poor development, lack of investment and variable building quality.  Like Marlon Brando, it could've been a contender, but instead was another British Leyland own goal with sales falling well below initial predictions.  The main problem concerned its 3 litre V8 engine, which was effectively a marriage of two 1500cc 4 cylinder Triumph engines.  The design suffered from inherent overheating problems which, coupled with extremely bad production standards (some cars still had casting sand left in the sumps), meant the Stag struggled to compete against upmarket rivals from Mercedes and BMW.
Now, 35 years after the last Triumph Stag left the production line, the model is beginning to find its feet in the classic car world thanks to a dawning realisation of its fundamental attributes.  Good cars are reliable thanks to a useful network of parts suppliers who have developed effective fixes for the car's many shortcomings when new.
Great Escape Classic Car Hire has two Triumph Stags available to hire in the UK, one in the Cotswolds and one in Yorkshire.  You can find out more by calling 01527 893733 or visit  Book either car during October 2012 and save 15% off the hire price.

Win a dream drive in a Porsche 911

Great Escape Classic Car Hire is offering the chance to be like Steve McQueen for the day with its new competition to win a drive in the company's 1969 Porsche 911 coupe.
The classic Porsche 911 will be on display at on the GT Porsche and Retro Cars magazine stand at the NEC Classic Car Show in Birmingham from 16th to 18th November 2012.  Visitors to the stand will have the chance to win 24 hours use of the car just by entering the on-stand competition.  The winner will receive a voucher for 24 hours use of the car - or any other car from Great Escape Classic Car Hire's fleet of 80 cars to hire in the UK and France.
The 1969 Porsche 911 for hire has been specially restored as a faithful replica of the car actor Steve McQueen owned in the late 60s and early 70s and which recently sold for a six figure sum in the USA.  The same car featured in the opening sequences of iconic film Le Mans directed by Steve McQueen.  It features slate grey paintwork, stylish Fuchs alloy wheels and a 2.2 litre version of the superb Boxer flat 6 cylinder Porsche engine.
"The Porsche 911 captures the essence of Great Escape," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape, "which is about being Steve McQueen for the day - just enjoying the fun and style that comes with being behind the wheel of an iconic classic car."
To enter the competition just visit the GT Porsche and Retro Cars magazine stand at the NEC Classic Car Show between Friday 16th and Sunday 18th November 2012.  For more details visit the National Exhibition Centre website here
For more details on the Great Escape Classic Car Hire Porsche 911 for self drive rental in the Cotswolds call 01527 893733 or visit Great Escape has 80 cars available to hire from 10 locations. 

Grab an early Christmas classic car bargain

Great Escape Classic Car Hire has announced a special Early Bird Discount for Christmas shoppers. Buy any of classic car hire gift voucher or gift experience online during October 2012 and you can save 15% off the total order. Or if you prefer to do these things by phone you can save 10% on phone bookings.

Great Escape Classic Car Hire 15% off Christmas gift vouchers and classic car gift experiences when you book in October

Great Escape operates the largest fleet of classic cars to hire in the Uk with the largest choice of starting locations too - 80 cars and 10 locations across the country. The 15% Christmas classic car gift discount applies to everything available to buy through the Great Escape website. This includes gift vouchers for 24 hrs, 48 hrs or more in one of the classic cars or a wide range of exclusive classic car gift experience days. If you're unsure which car to choose Great Escape offers gift vouchers for its different price bands, enabling the recipient to choose from a selection of cars and locations. Great Escape Classic Car Hire's website is simple to use and enables you to buy securely 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world using a debit or credit card.

The discount applies to the published price on the website. As Great Escape Cars operates a 'no hidden fees' policy the price you see is the full price you pay - no extra charges for VAT, booking fees or card processing.

"Buying online with Great Escape is save, simple and now even cheaper," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape. "Our 15% Christmas Early Bird discount in October applies to our full range of 80 cars and 10 locations, plus our complete range of exclusive classic car gift experiences."

To find out more click on the banner below or call 01527 893733.

Great Escape Classic Car Hire 15% off Christmas gift vouchers and classic car gift experiences when you book in October

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