The Big Green Voting Machine

When we decided to add another truck to our classic car transport fleet we hit a snag.  Decent twin-deck trucks are in short supply and the best one locally was finished in bright Kawasaki green. Of course. But we never let the opportunity to stand out significantly from the crowd stop us.  And so it is that this truck joins our existing Mercedes and Renault transporters later this month.
With a colour best described as character-building it felt essential that the new addition had a name. So we turned to the most discerning audience audience we know - our Twitter followers. They came up with a huge list of ideas, most of them clean.  We whittled them down to four and asked Twitter to vote. Here's the poll - just click on it to vote.
The winning suggestion will receive a £249 voucher for one of our road trips.  We'll put the name on the side of the truck and credit the winner.

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